Our philosophy

"If we see life through the eyes of a dog


the world will be a better place"

NDCS® = Natural Dog Communication System:

The key to a balanced human-dog-relationship is a loving, confident way of treating your dog and to see the world through your fur baby's eyes.


Therefore, I've developed NDCS® (Natural Dog Training System). As the name implies, it is a rather easy way to communicate with body language, energy and verbal in a way your dog understands you. NDCS® is based on a fair leadership that focusses the individual.

The body language's movements are minimalistic, the verbal expressions are polite and the intonation adjusted to the body language & the situation.


We work with positive reinforcment and our training is made for your and your dog's individual requirements.


Say good bye to the dominance theory - dogs are family!

The dominance theory is an illusion - wolves & dogs are completely different! Wolve and dog packs have a complex structure and social life!
Packs are made up of families as well as companied wolves or dogs. Therefore, the behavior and communication among the pack members is aimed at harmony and cooperation.


My training is based on intuition & the dog's way of thinking, which enables you as a dog parent to lead their fur baby in a trustful way. I also includes the current knowledge of neurobiology. 


I'm busting stereotypes around the dog in my trainings.


Nowadays, it's proved, that our emotions have a direct impact on our dogs and quite often influence their behavior - in a negative as well as positive way.


In return, the dog's mood can also have an impact on the human's feelings. To be aware of that fact can be very helpful in your training and daily life.


When we are aware of our thoughts and feelings and balanced, it's quite easy to create a relaxed, happy training situation which is fun for both of you.
Relaxation exercices as well as visualizations can help us to concentrate on our aims and positive energy. Then, we switch from focussing on problems to focussing on creative solutions.

Espacially in difficult situations this has proven to be rather helpful (e.g. leash aggression, reactivity issues...)


However, as easy as it might sound, this is an ongoing process with many succeeds but also perceived throwbacks, we have to manage together as a human -  dog - team and on which we grow.


There are so many things we can learn from our dogs, because dog's live in the present. They enjoy life, openly show their happiness and love without prejudice, they are honest, loyal and have a loving heart. By the way, in our tradition, we regard dog's as wise teachers.

Now, you probably are interested to see your dog with different eyes? If so, register today for your online dog training.

We are happy to meet you.


Best regards,


Cian & Regine